Get ready to ‘Agar Attack’

Online gaming can be dangerously addictive. Given that as kids we were so taken with the simple single-player ‘Snakes’ and Super Mario games, it is no surprise that multi-player games have taken Gen Y by storm. Strategy games like Clash of Clans, Age of Empires and Civilization have transformed adults into children as they sit for hours racking their brains over a particular move. One of the most popular games to have hypnotized people world over is Candy Crush Saga. More recently however, the mobile gaming world has seen the rise of another amazing strategy game. It was named Agar by its developer which sounds pretty scientific and boring to your ears when you first hear it. However, as you enter the microscopic world of the agar plate that will transform you into a shapeless amoeba, you can’t help get totally addicted to the Agar plate world.

The rules of the game

Playing Agar is relatively easy in the beginning, compared to other similar games. However, as we rise up the ladder and increase the gaming points, we realize that it is deceptively simple to look at but is actually pretty tough when you start playing it. There are pellets or food which you can consume to increase your mass. You need to move carefully around the plate so that you can reach other smaller players with the fewest possible  moves and ‘eat’ them up. The bigger your mass, the slower you can move. It’s all about strategy and smart moves.

Hacking away

To get around the tougher levels of this massive multiplayer game, gamers have come up with Hacks that provide you with the necessary weapons to conquer the Agar world! You can download or play with the Hacks online to cheat your way to victory in this game. Many sites offer great hack and bots for Agar games. All you need is a good network and you are ready to be the biggest ‘blob’ in the virtual world.

Power Weight Ratio

Comparison of one design of car to another is based on the calculation applied to mobile power resources and engines which is termed as Power to weight ratio. It measures the actual performance of the vehicle. This division of power output and weight is often quoted by the manufacturers at its peak which often varies when compared to real figures. High power to weight ratios can be seen in turbines as they often operate at a very high speed.

Say you are looking for a getaway car, you may perhaps think about a motorcycle with obvious reasons that they are easier to park and much faster. A standard six cylinder may probably be able to top out at approximately 120 mph. Mount that engine on a motorcycle and you shall boost to 300 miles per hour. The advantage of motor cycle is its smaller weight. Instead of hauling around a few thousand kgs of windows, door, a motorcycle is just a little more than a couple of wheels, handlebars and a seat. Since the engine has less to haul, it focusses more on speeding up.


Consider two runners:

  • A short, 160-pound runner Michael. He can generate 440 watts of power;
  • A large, 230-pound runner Alex. He can generate 600 watts of power.

Alex’s legs are more powerful, but he shall lose the race to Michael. Alex has a power-to-weight ratio of 2.6 pounds per watt, but Michael has a better power-to-weight ratio of 2.75 watts per pound. Say, if Alex was 218 pounds, then both these runners would be evenly matched. Well, here however, Michael has all the advantage.

Similar though applies to cars as well where a better power to weight ratio combined with other factors add to the speed of the car.

  • The utility and practical vehicles compensate the power to weight to provide more comfort, cargo space, emissions control, fuel economy, energy security and endurance. Lower rolling resistance and Reduced Drag facilitates increased cargo with practically no increase in the power to weight ratio.
  • Luxury Cars and dual-sport cars end up having similar power to weight ratio where increased engine consideration is the prime factor. It effects the handling and acceleration and thus driving enjoyment.